The Maghreb in the modern world

Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco



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Détails du livre

Titre : The Maghreb in the modern world
Pages : 546
Collection : Alter développement
Parution : 2020-10-12
Éditeur : NENA
EAN papier : 9782379183485
À propos du livre

The challenges facing Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco after the departure of the colonists are as great as those surmounted by the native fighters in winning their freedom. They are not military, though, but economic, the basic question being : how really do we become economically independent, as well as politically independent? And beyond that the alarming questions arise : is it possible for there to be true political independence with economic dependence? Where have the struggles against the foreign oppressors led to? Samir Amin considers the social and economic problems of Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco today. His picture of present realities and trends shows many achievements, but some serious flaws. In his opinion not enough strength and resistance to outside pressure is yet being generated by the societies themselves. However there is a hope of greater industrialization and less bureaucracy; with this the Maghreb will be able to consolidate its hard-won freedom.

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