International Finance

New Players and Global Markets



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Titre : International Finance
Pages : 169
Collection : n.c
Parution : 2021-04-07
Éditeur : Palgrave Macmillan
EAN papier : 9783030692315
À propos du livre

The landscape of international finance has drastically changed within the last decade. The institutions inherited from the Bretton-Woods conference—the IMF and the WBD— have become obsolete, in part, due to their lack of reforming. Meanwhile newly created institutions including The New Development Bank and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank are increasing their sphere of influence. Developing countries from Africa, Asia, and Latin America are more eager than ever to work with the NDB or the AIIB. Meanwhile, new players such as Sovereign Wealth Funds are reshaping financial markets, through their weights and influence in global markets. The book looks to enhance understanding of the real markets of international finance and proposes ways to bring the old and new players together in this sand-shifting world of international finance.?

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