Computational Intelligence Methods for Super-Resolution in Image Processing Applications

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  • Date de publication : 2021-05-28



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Détails du livre

Titre : Computational Intelligence Methods for Super-Resolution in Image Processing Applications
Pages : 305
Collection : n.c
Parution : 2021-05-28
Éditeur : Springer
EAN papier : 9783030679200
À propos du livre

This book explores the application of deep learning techniques within a particularly difficult computational type of computer vision (CV) problem - super-resolution (SR). The authors present and discuss ways to apply computational intelligence (CI) methods to SR. The volume also explores the possibility of using different kinds of CV techniques to develop and enhance the tools/processes related to SR. The application areas covered include biomedical engineering, healthcare applications, medicine, histology, and material science. The book will be a valuable reference for anyone concerned with multiple multimodal images, especially professionals working in remote sensing, nanotechnology and immunology at research institutes, healthcare facilities, biotechnology institutions, agribusiness services, veterinary facilities, and universities.

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