Facets of Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility in India



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Titre : Facets of Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility in India
Pages : 208
Collection : Accounting, Finance, Sustainability, Governance & Fraud: Theory and Application
Parution : 2021-03-09
Éditeur : Springer
EAN papier : 9789813340756
À propos du livre

This book focuses on the legal and social aspects of corporate governance through doctrinal and empirical research papers presented at the 9th International Conference on Governance Fraud Ethics and Social Responsibility held at National Law University Delhi in 2018. The papers encompass the internal and external factors that affect the interests of a company’s stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, suppliers, government regulators and management, and several other important players. The book provides better clarity on the concept of corporate governance and how it is intertwined with factors such as sustainability, social responsibility and the role of government, taxation and audit, and shareholder engagement.

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