Shaping the Breast

A Comprehensive Approach in Augmentation, Revision, and Reconstruction

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  • Date de publication : 2020-12-18




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Détails du livre

Titre : Shaping the Breast
Pages : 131
Collection : n.c
Parution : 2020-12-18
Éditeur : Springer
EAN papier : 9783030597764
À propos du livre

This book fills the gap for lack of a precise roadmap to approach the fundamentals of implant-based breast surgery to achieve optimal results. Despite the vast number of publications on breast surgery,  there is a deficit in easy to process yet detailed source of information which brings all of the concepts together. With observation, surgical experience, and better devices the approach to implant-based breast surgery must evolve from “volumizing” the breast to “shaping” the breast. 

In a concise and accessible fashion, Shaping the Breast covers the best practices in breast surgery covering topics of primary augmentation, augmentation mastopexy, composite augmentation, revision breast surgery and breast reconstruction. In a methodical and logical approach, it provides the successful pillars for reproducible outcomes which includes patient assessment,  biodimensional planning, surgical techniques and patient care along with pearls and pitfalls. It includes dozens of before and after images alongside case studies to illustrate the management of variety of complex issues. 

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